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For home users, ‘Energised ICT’ offers a number of ICT services such as:

Computer Repair Services:
Many computers are prone to unexpected events such as computer crashes, or a number of other problems. Energised ICT offers a team of ICT professionals who are experienced in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of computer problems.

Internet And Email Setup:
We understand that it can be hard to effectively setup your internet connections and setup, this is why we have a team dedicated to Internet and Email setup.

Virus And Spyware Elimination:
If your computer is connected to the internet then there is a high chance that your computer could become infected by viruses and spyware. Energised ICT offers Virus and Spyware removal services which will ensure that your computer is 100% virus and spyware free.

Computer Setups And Installations:
We can install computers and laptops operating on a wide range of operating systems, our team of experts will ensure that your computer or laptop is set up and configured correctly.

System Tune Up:
As you continue to use your computer and begin to install various computer software, you will notice a reduction in your computers speed and responsiveness. This is where Energised ICT comes in, we offer system tune ups for your computer; system tune ups will ensure that your computer will run smoothly and at fast speeds.

Hardware And Software Upgrades:
Computers change almost every single day, as a home user, you will most likely want to keep your computer as up to date as possible. Energised ICT offers hardware upgrade services for upgrades to computer components such as hard drive upgrades, graphics card upgrades, video card upgrades etc. Your operating system may be outdated; in that case Energised also offers you software upgrades that cover your operating system and all the software installed on it.

Wireless Network Installations:
Energised offers full wireless network installations which will make sure that all your WIFI enabled devices will be interconnected correctly.