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For business users, ‘Energised ICT’ offers a number of ICT services such as:

Computer Repair Services:
Nothing will impact your work as much as a damaged or faulty computer, this is why Energised ICT offers you a team of experts who are able to diagnose and repair all computer faults.

Email And Internet Setup:
An effective communication system is essential to the success of any Company. We offer an extensive email and Internet setup system that will ensure that you and your employees will be able to communicate with each other effectively.

Virus And Spyware Elimination:

A computer virus or spyware if left undetected can wreak havoc on your computers or computer network, this is why Energised ICT offers you advanced virus and spyware removal which will make sure that your computers are clean and running smoothly.

Computer Setups And Installations:
We offer computer setup and installation services that will make sure your computers are configured correctly.

System Tune Ups:
Energised ICT offers thorough computer tune-ups, which will keep your computers run at maximum speed.

Hardware And System Upgrades:
We provide updates and upgrades for all your computer hardware and software.

Wireless Network Installations:
Energised ICT caters for all your wireless needs and will install and configure all your WIFI enabled devices such as routers, computers etc.

Wan Installations:
Energised can setup your Wide Area Network effectively, which will ensure that your company computers are connected to the Internet and to other computers correctly.

IP Telecommunications Systems:
Energised ICT is able to setup your VOIP communications system, ensuring that your companies’ telecommunications system is fully integrated with your computer network.

Least Cost Routing:
Telecommunications are becoming increasingly expensive. This is why we offer least cost routing. We will analyse your business’s telephone bills and recommend changes in order to save you money on your telecommunications, reduce your call charges and your line rental. This can all be done while we maintain the quality of your current business communications; we will also get all of your services put onto one itemised bill.